At Beatty & Wozniak, we focus on energy and natural resources law.

We’ve made it a priority in our law practice to understand all segments of the conventional and emerging energy industries, including the regulatory and political contexts that companies within these industries operate.  When you walk into our office, you won’t have to educate us about the difference between a drill bit and a wind turbine.  We can start discussing your problem and potential solutions right away. 

Our team handles a wide variety of energy litigation, title work, environmental and regulatory issues and corporate transactions.  We often meet attorneys who are still learning the vocabulary of our industry while we are moving forward on the issue at hand.  Right out of the gate, our knowledge and energy experience gives us a key advantage.

We know you may have to work with non-industry people or face opponents, judges, juries and county commissioners who are not familiar with the energy business and may even have developed biases from a lack of understanding. We can help them see your side from an informed perspective.

At Beatty & Wozniak, we think and speak energy 24 hours a day. Just like our clients.



We have moved office suites to: 

7440 Creek Road, Ste 250

Sandy, UT 84093


Telephone, fax number and all e-mail addresses will remain the same.  Please advise your personnel accordingly.

Thank you.

Client Alert

An Explanation of the New Proposed Regulations Defining Waters of the United States - view

Client Alert

EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers Release Proposed Clean Water Act Jurisdictional Rule - view

Beatty & Wozniak, P.C. is pleased to announce three additions to the Denver Office:

Bob Hoehn joined us in May 2013.  Bob has been practicing oil and gas law in the Rockies for more than 30 years, specializing in title examination, curative work, due diligence and day-to-day oil and gas operations.  Prior to joining Beatty & Wozniak, Bob was a partner at Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP in Denver.

Not far behind in June 2013 Jim Martin joined the Denver Office.  He previously served as Regional Administrator for Region VIII for the EPA, where he oversaw implementation of federal environmental laws in six western states and in 26 Indian reservations.  Prior to that, he ran two departments for the Colorado Governor Ritter, and served on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and other boards and commissions.

And last but not least in December 2013 Rob Willis joined the Denver Office.  Rob worked as the Hearings Manager, Enforcement Officer and Hearings Officer for the COGCC, and was also a County and Prosecuting Attorney in Albany County, Wyoming.  Prior to turning to the law, he worked as a Petroleum Engineer in the San Juan and Anadarko Basins.

All three gentlemen bring in-depth experience and leadership to the firm!

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